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Unusual Facts About References in a Resume

Unusual Facts About References in a Resume Experience is another comprehensive section of the CV, which will have to incorporate all prior jobs. Resumes may be used for a number of reasons, but most often theyre utilised to secure new employment. Hopefully you were friendly with a few of the people and know where theyre now. You dont need a scarcity of references to save you from acquiring a work offer. When youre asked for references, its possible to strategically select the best people to represent what you would like highlighted for the opportunity, she states. Only include individuals who would like to be a personal reference. If a person pauses or seems to be uncomfortable at all, thank them and continue on to the upcoming possible reference. Very similar to a full-time animator, youre want to make a bullet list discussing high-visibility projects and your role inside them. Or offer to assist someone who you know with an undertaking, so they become a boss. Still, after talking to a couple references, you begin to find an image. References can boost your work application in a huge way. Not everybody stays in their jobs regardless of what the business and so sometimes references disappear. New Ideas Into References in a Resume Never Before Revealed Ask each reference if theres any information they dont want listedthis will help safeguard your contacts private info, Nolan states. Also, be certain you have your references recent contact details. Then youll need to wait around for me to supply the info. If you pile on an excessive amount of info, they wont read in any way. Your latest degree is listed first, then the upcoming recent and so forth. Ask permission whenever you want to include your private reference. If it is possible, select references that are in a position to talk specifically about your qualifications for the job for which youre applying. Academic references also can be helpful if you want more references to enhance your p rofessional resume. Only submit your references if youre asked to. Attempt to list three or more references that you recognize well. When used by employers, references might be essential part of the vorstellungsgesprch practice. When you should provide references to a prospective employer, the best method to do it is to create a reference page you are able to share with them. References in a Resume - the Story Formatting your resume references is a comparatively straightforward undertaking. Resume reference pages might be used at any stage in the interview procedure. Titles ought to be clearly laid out and never use either side of a paper. References lists are a fundamental part of the work application procedure, together with cover letters, resumes, and interview follow-up letters. They form a vital part of your job application. Choosing the ideal personal reference is an extension of that skill and why you wish to have a list with a variety of choices. You will have to p rovide 3 professional references in the References section of your on-line application. Things You Wont Like About References in a Resume and Things You Will Also, share with them a copy of the resume youre submitting so they can be on exactly the same page if and as soon as the hiring manager calls them up. An academic advisor, based on the period of time you spent with them, is another wonderful solution for a reference. When composing your resume, be certain you are also armed and prepared to decide on a good collection of current references should the chance for an interview arise or if a possible employer is very interested in you for the position accessible. You understand what the perfect candidate. Finding the Best References in a Resume Even inside the same field, different employers will be seeking different qualifications, and its perfectly okay to have many versions of your resume, each designed for a certain field, Boylan states. You should highlight all teachi ng experience, training experience, and worldwide experience youve got. If at all possible, select individuals who can speak to your abilities and qualifications as they relate to the job that youre applying for. Resumes for work in the animation field can be a little tricky, particularly when the actual beweis of your abilities and experience can be discovered in your demo reel and portfolio. Introducing References in a Resume A CV is accepted all around the world, and although, businesses and countries may have different variations the content stays the same. For the self-employed finding references for a resume when wanting to move into employment can be challenging particularly if you have been self employed for a long duration of time. For instance, if youre going into the work market for the very first time, you might just should list three references. By using people who can provide certain examples regarding how reliable youre, youre going to be setting yourself up to look to be a best employee.

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Women Make Boeing Better

Women Make Boeing Better We need gender neutral dress codes in the workplace. If you dont yet agree with that statement, look no farther than a 55-page presentation given to women executives at Ernst Young in a June 2018 training. pThe presentation, which made headlines last month when an offended participant leaked it to the Huffington Post/a, reinforced gendered stereotypes of how women should dress and present themselves at work. Some highlights, which are actually lowlights in terms of equality in the workforceul class=ee-ul ee-ulliA list of appearance blunders for women to avoid, including no-nos like too-short skirts, plunging necklines, bottle blonde, flashy jewelry/liliOutfit and grooming suggestions to minimize distractions from your skills sic set like good haircut, manicured nails, and well-cut attire/liliAdvice on how to dress dont flaunt your body sexuality scrambles the mind/li/ulpThe women, there to invest in their professional development, were leid learning how to be better leaders or combat sexist stereotypes at work, but instead were being lectured to about what to wear and how to groom themselves.pWhile the presentation wasnt the official EampY dress code, it does highlight bias and assumptions made around gender that women have to manage. And this particular training focused only on the male-female binary. Employees who identify as transgender or nonbinary might feel even more burdened by dress code policies based on gender. pImagine how much more productive all employees, regardless of gender, could be, if they werent focused on avoiding dress code policing.pTraditional gender-based dress codes can also discriminate on the basis of race. Many grooming guidelines for women, including rules on acceptable haircuts, are extra burdens for black employees, particularly those who want to wear their hair in natural styles. In 2010, Chastity Jones got a job offerto be a customer service representative from Catastrophe M anagement Solutionsbut the offer was contingent on her cutting off her locs. When she refused, the company took back the job offer, and when she sued, with the help of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, she lost her case in 2013 and again in 2016, when her appeal was dismissed. pAnd beyond forcing women of color to maintain their hair in a way thats deemed acceptable, gender-based dress codes can also discriminate against people of certain religions. Employees whose faiths keep them from cutting their hair or necessitate that they wear certain clothing (including head coverings) shouldnt be forced to adapt their beliefs to what their employer deems professionally appropriate for a woman at work.pThe possibility for gender-, race-, and faith-based discrimination posed by prescriptive employee dress codes has led the Human Rights Campaign to recommendthat if an employer has a dress code, it should modify it to avoid gender stereotypes and enforce it consistently. Requiring m en to wear suits and women to wear skirts or dresses, while legal, is based on gender stereotypes. Alternatively, codes that require attire professionally appropriate to the office or unit in which an employee works are gender-neutral.h3Okay, So Gender Neutral Dress Codes Sound Good. What Do They Look Like?/h3pIn their simplest (which, in my opinion, also means best) form, gender neutral dress codes at the workplace can take the form of General Motors dress policy. When now-CEO Mary Barra was VP of global menschlich resources for the automotive giant, she replaced their 10-page dress code with two words/a Dress appropriately. pIn the article linked above, the author explains why Barras dress code works so well She avoided assumptions, instead choosing to trust her employees judgment, which in turn empowered all employees and was particularly impactful for women. pFor workplaces that need more specificity about what employees can wear, HR should follow in the footsteps of other insti tutions that have successfully adopted gender-neutral dress codes. Namely, high schools.pAfter a wave of protests, social media outrage, and thoughtful advocating, several schools have revamped their dress codes/a, which tended to put undue burden on female students. New guidelines apply to all students, regardless of their gender. Instead of specifying the length of skirts versus shorts or the width of a cami strap versus a tank top, a Virginia high schools new gender-neutral dress codesimply defines what must be covered clothing must cover areas from one armpit across to the other armpit, down to approximately three to four inches in length to the upper thighs.pstrongWhat does that look like at work?/strong pSpell out specific dress code rules by article of clothing, not by gender, use non-gendered pronouns, and make sure that any grooming guidelines could apply to anyone. Dont place burdens on anyone based on their gender, and try to empower employees to manage their own appearan ce in accordance with professional expectations.pFor business casual workplaces, try this, adapted from Forbes/a Employees should dress in business casual attire, which could include casual slacks and skirts, collared shirts, blouses, or sweaters. Inappropriate attire includes sportswear, jeans, and unkempt clothing, among other options. Please exercise good judgment.pFor business formal workplaces, you could use the following Traditional business attire, including dresses, suits, and pantsuits, is required for external meetings with clients or prospects. Employees should use discretion on other occasions and are expected to demonstrate good judgment. pAnd for casual workplaces, which are on the riseaccording to Indeed/a, 50% of companies allow employees to dress casually every day, as of 2019go with something simple, like this, adapted from The Balance/a Dress comfortably for work, but please do not wear anything that could offend your coworkers or make them feel uncomfortable. Tha t includes clothing with profanity, hate speech, or exclusionary language. Your clothing, while casual, should show common sense and professionalism.pNo matter the level of formality your dress code needs to define, make sure youre thinking from the perspective of all employeescurrent as well as futureand creating an environment where they can thrive.p----pstrongWant to share these tips with your company? /strongShow them this handy one-page guide on creating a gender neutral dress code p class=shortcode-media shortcode-media-rebelmouse-image img alt=Gender Neutral Dress Code Guide class=rm-shortcode data-rm-shortcode-id=UGVL4K1574631551 data-rm-shortcode-name=rebelmouse-image data-runner-src=https// id=a14b6 type=lazy-image/ p br/

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Customize this Outstanding Entry Level Aircraft Resume Template

Customize this Outstanding Entry Level Aircraft Resume TemplateCustomize this Outstanding Entry Level Aircraft Resume TemplateA resume is one of the first things you need to prepare when searching for a new entry-level job in the aircraft industry. A well-written resume makes a good impression on a hiring manager while providing the key information needed to make a decision on interviewing you.Be sure to include information about your training, platforms you have experience with, and any certifications you have earned. Also, note experience reading detailed specs and blueprints.Fill your data in the entry-level aircraft resume template below to create a document that gets the attention of the human resources manager when you apply for your next job. Create ResumeSarah Pender100 Main Street, Cityplace, CA, 91019(555) 322-7337example-emailexample.comProfessional SummaryAviation electronics expert, highly skilled in the troubleshooting and repair of advanced avionics. Hands-on experienc e with the F/A-18 A/B/C platforms. Four years of on aircraft training and experience while in high pressure, high stress situations. Dependable and a solid leader.SkillsHolds SECRET Security ClearanceTroubleshooting expertHand/power toolsSupervisory experienceTechnical school trainingWire knowledgeGood judgmentProficiency at reading technical publications and schematicsTroubleshoot/repair of electronic equipmentWork HistoryAviation Electronics Technician, 11/2009 to Current United States Navy Virginia Beach, VAProvided extensive maintenance on 17 F/A-18C aircraft including, wire bundle repair, soldering, splicing, installation of avionics components, advanced radar and targeting components and trouble shooting. Skilled in the operation and maintenance of advanced targeting forward looking infrared (ATFLIR), the APG-65 and APG-74 radar systems, advanced weapon systems of the F/A-18 platform, heads up display, multi-purpous display group, global positioning system. Collateral duties include organization of technical publications, maintenance of work center tools, corrosion control and first aid.Kitchen Manager, 10/2004 to 11/2009 Texas Wings Inc. Austin, TXOperated and maintained kitchen equipment, prepared meals for a restaurant of 250 people, complied with or exceeded food health code standards, provided a weekly schedule for kitchen employees, coordinated catering events, trained new employees for back of the house and kitchen operations.EducationHigh School Diploma 2004 Leander High School Leander, TXAdvanced Avionics, Navigation of Technical Publications, 2010 Naval Air Technical Training Center Pensacola, FLAdvanced Avionics Technical Training, Weapons Release and Control, Wire Repair, 2010 Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training Oceana Virginia Beach, VAAccomplishmentsPart of the Command Assessment Team (CAT), a gruppe assembled within the command to ensure equal opportunity throughout the squadron and the ship. Recipiant of the National Defense Se rvice Medal, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Navy Good Conduct Award, Marksman 9mm pistol ribbon, and Navy Battle E Ribbon. Troubleshooting and repair of 3,446 maintenance discrepancies aiding in 4,778 mishap free flight hours from December 2011 to September 2013.Customize ResumeMore Installation and Maintenance Resumes

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7 Awesome Office Bonding Activities (Besides Happy Hour) - The Muse

7 Awesome Office Bonding Activities (Besides Happy Hour) - The Muse7 Awesome Office Bonding Activities (Besides Happy Hour)Looking for ways to bond with your co-workers? Or if youre the boss, looking for ways to create a more close-knit office?Happy hours are great, but chances are, youve already thought of those. Here are seven new- and, dare we say it, improved- activities that will take your relationships with your colleagues to the next level.Copy this company, which sent a gruppe to do a bike race across the country while the rest of the team tried to log the same number of miles running, swimming, or biking. (Fast Company)Try volunteering with your cubicle-mates so you can do good and bond at the same time. (U.S. News)Get in the kitchen and have a home cooking night with your whole office. (Entrepreneur)If you want to clean up your diet while you get close, think about doing a group cleanse. (No, really.) (The New York Times)Get your groove on with karaoke Or for the less music ally inclined, tour a food-making factory. (American Express Open Forum)If youve got the budget, a company international retreat is the way to go. (Buffer App)Check out these 22 team-building activities your team wont hate. (The Muse)

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Mozart on how to unlock your inner creative genius

Mozart on how to unlock your inner creative geniusMozart on how to unlock your inner creative geniusIn 1787, one of historys most prolific and influential music composers had just arrived in Prague for a second time.Over the next few days, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart would overbinnensee the rehearsals of the first wertzuwachs of his new opera - Don Giovanni.As the final rehearsals were coming to a close, Mozart and the orchestral conductor - Johann Baptist Kucharz, exchanged words in a brief conversation.During their conversation, Mozart made a distinct commentI have spared neither care nor labor to produce something excellent for Prague. Moreover, It is a mistake to think that the practice of my art has become easy to me. I assure you, dear friend, no one has given so much care to the study of composition as I. There is scarcely a famous master in music whose works I have not frequently and diligently studied. (1)The premiere of Don Giovanni then titled Il dissoluto punito, ossia il D on Giovanni took place at the National Theatre - in Prague on October 29 1787.The opera was extremely well received by the audience - Mozarts many years of deliberate practice on his craft was finally beginning to pay off.Don Giovanni had such a profound impact - that up till today - this piece of work has been widely regarded as the greatest opera ever composed.During his rehearsal conversation, Mozart acknowledged that his great work was simply a by-product of diligent and consistent hard-work on his craft for many years. It had taken Mozart mora than a decade of developing his creative talent to finally create this groundbreaking piece of work.In this article, well explore further into what we can learn from this and how you can unlock your inner creative genius.Hi. Before we dive into the main course - Id like to let you know that Ive created a simple one-page exercise worksheet to help you stop procrastinating and stick with your good habits.Download Your Free Worksheet He re.The Myth Of The Creative GeniusThere is a destructive myth that the creative genius is born with an innate, godlike ability to create extraordinary work at the snap of their finger.This couldnt be further from the truth.In a study into elite performance, researchers asked expert violinists from the Music Academy in West Berlin to keep detailed recordings of their daily practice regime for a week. (2)At the end of the week, they analysed the results - comparing the different forms of deliberate practice between the elite violinists and the less accomplished performers.What they discovered was astonishing.On average, the violinists spent the saatkorn amount of time on music related activities- But, the elite performing violinist spent mora than twice the time (25 hours) on deliberate practice than the other violinists (10 hours).To further reaffirm their findings, the researchers conducted additional research into the violinists practice habits.This time, they estimated how many h ours of deliberate practice each violinist had accumulated over their lifetime.Once again the results were staggering. the most elite violinists accumulated about the same number of hours of deliberate practice (about 7,410 hours) by the age of 18 as professional middle-aged violinists belonging to international-level orchestras (about 7,336 hours) By the age of 20, the most accomplished musicians estimated they spent over 10,000 hours in deliberate practice, which is 2,500 and 5,000 hours mora than two less accomplished groups of expert musicians or 8,000 hours more than amateur pianists of the same age. (3)The best violinists had exceeded the 10,000 hours of deliberate practice required to become world-class in any field. This has been well noted by Malcolm Gladwells work in his bookOutliers(audiobook).10,000 hours isnt necessarily the exact threshold - but it does highlight a very important factor in creating genius level work - great work requires a great amount of hours in de liberate practice on your craft.Now that this is out-of-the-way, lets get back to that creative genius - Mozart.From the first day of his birth, Mozart was surrounded by music and exceptional musicians.His sister was a pianist and violinist andHis father, Leopold Mozart, was an intensely ambitious Austrian musician, composer, and teacher who had gained wide acclaim with the publication of the instruction bookA Treatise on the Fundamental Principles of Violin Playing. For a while, Leopold had dreamed of being a great composer himself. But on becoming a father, he began to shift his ambitions away from his own unsatisfying career and onto his children.(SourceThe Genius in All of Us New Insights into Genetics, Talent, and IQ(Audiobook))So we can see that from a very young age, Mozart received professional training from his father, performed in concerts and deliberately practiced daily.By the time of his death, the 35-year-old Mozart had created an impressive body of works. Approximate ly600 works of music in every form imaginable (operas, symphonies, sonatas, duets and more) , some of which have been considered the most iconic and influential compositions in history.So the question then is this - was Mozart a Creative Genius from birth?The answer most likely isprobably note.Anybody that commits to deliberate and consistent practice on a skill or craft for decades is capable of creating extraordinary work at some point in their career- Off-course, with the right training, guidance and support system.Now that weve tackled this myth, lets discuss in more detail on what you can do to unlock your inner creative genius and create extraordinary work.Show Up Everyday And Stick To A ScheduleIn his book,The War Of species, Steven Pressfield notes a clear difference between those who push through their inner creative resistance - to create extraordinary work - versus those who dont.The professional versus The Amateur.In his wordsThe amateur plays for fun. The professiona l plays for keeps.The amateur plays part-time.The professional plays full-time.The amateur is a weekend warrior.The professional shows up seven days a week .Turning Pro is a crucial identity shift from working on your craft only when you feel like it - into working on your craft becauseit is a part of who you are.When you begin to treat your work like a pro, feelings no longer dictate your actions - You simply show up everyday and stick to your schedule.In his bookOn Writing(audiobook), Stephen King, a prolific writer with 350 million+ in book sales attributes his success to his daily deliberate practice of writing 2,000 words a day- Yes, even on his birthdays and holidays.I have a glass of water or a cup of tea. Theres a certain time I sit down, from 800 to 830, somewhere within that half hour every morning, he explained. I have my vitamin pill and my music, sit in the same seat, and the papers are all arranged in the same places.(SourceLisa Rogaks Haunted Heart The Life and Tim es of Stephen King)By showing up everyday and working diligently, you will begin to create consistent work and accumulate many hours of deliberate practice. This will naturally give room for your best ideas to breakthrough into extraordinary work.Get The Rubbish Ideas Out Of The WayThe problem is that you cant have good ideas unless youre willing to generate a lot of bad ones Someone asked me where I get all my good ideas, explaining that it takes him a month or two to come up with one and I seem to have more than that. I asked him how many bad ideas he has every month. He paused and said, none.And there, you see, is the problem. Seth GodinShowing up everyday is half the battle- getting the rubbish ideas out-of-the-way is the other.American hedge fund manager, entrepreneur, and bestselling author, James Altucher, recommends the following idea generation exerciseStep 1 Write down ten ideasStep 2 If you cant come up with ten ideas, come up with twenty.Yes you read that correctly - twenty.The idea behind Step 1 of this exercise is to workout your creative muscles and push them till failure, just like your body muscles.Step 2 may appear counter-intuitive, but its where the magic happens - it forces you to get the bad ideas out-of-the-way.Whether you produce five awful music tracks or write ten bad paragraphs, keep going - because your most creative work will eventually show up.Allow Your Pain To Inspire Your IdeasIn 1970, Marvin Gaye was going through a very painful period in his life.His duet partner, Tammi Terrell had just died with a brain wucherung - while his marriage to Anna Gordy, sister of Motown founder Berry, was falling apart.When Marvins brother returned from the Vietnam war and shared the horror war stories with him - his outlook on life drastically changed.Marvin fell into a depression, stopped his live performances and withdrew into seclusion from the public eye.He spent the next three years still writing music but spending much of his time r eflecting on the injustices of the war.During his hiatus, Marvin began working on a new record in which he would freely express his pain, frustration and anger.The new record was simply called - Whats Going On.Little did Marvin know, that the expression of his pain would create a record that would go down in history - as one of the most influential RB and music albums of all time.In the process of creating your work, allow your raw emotions to drive your creative process and ideas - even If they happen to be negative emotions like pain, anger or frustration.Collaborate With OthersIf I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants. Isaac NewtonMoments of creative inspiration may come from solitude, but collaboration and sharing our work can also be powerful- think Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak creating Apple or Larry Page and Sergey Brin creating Google.In his bookThe Innovators(audiobook), Walter Isaacsonputs forward the idea that every invention is a by-product of a collaborative group that made it happen.First and foremost is that creativity is a collaborative process. Innovation comes from teams more often than from the lightbulb moments of lone geniuses.By collaborating with and bouncing ideas off like-minded people, you can further challenge yourself to generate and execute on great ideas.Dont Be Too Hard On YourselfBe patient with yourself. Self-growth is tender its holy ground. Theres no greater investment. - Stephen CoveyResearch shows that self-judgement and criticism may result in lower levels of creative potential. Conversely, higher levels of self-compassion have been linked with higher levels of creativity.(4)We have a natural tendency to judge and criticise our work - even though its a self-sabotaging habit.The truth is the quality of our work has nothing to do with our self-identity or self-worth. Its okay to make mistakes and create work less than perfect. By practicing self-compassion, you will naturally give room for the imperfections and failures required on the path to expressing your creative genius.Just like a mothers birth pains before giving birth to a child, we will also experience many struggles before creating something great.It is this struggle that makes all the hard-work well worth it.TakeawayUnlocking your inner creative genius can be achieved by following these stepsShow up everyday and stick to a scheduleGet the rubbish ideas out-of-the-wayAllow your pain to inspire your ideasCollaborate with othersDont be too hard on yourselfAnd most importantly, be patient with yourself. It may take many years to see the rewards of your hard-work - your moments of creative genius will soon show up at the right time.In the meantime, what can you do today to take that first step? - Do it.Mayo Oshin writes, where he shares practical self-improvement ideas and proven science for better health, productivity and creativity.To get practical ideas on how to stop procrastinating and build healthy habits, you can join his free weekly newsletterhere.